Chaz Knapp

Chaz Knapp

is an American introvert, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. Originally from Southern California, he has since lived throughout the United States before settling here in space. He began playing classical guitar at a young age and was performing in blues dives at eleven. His early music experience -  coupled with his exposure to more eclectic genres - has shaped his transient, visceral sound. He has since embarked into worlds of droning, meditative rhythms and haunting melodies that resound from some phantom peak familiar in its lucidity. Most of his themes revolve around the desolation of life where, often, a small light will present itself.



1) Lonesome Quintet 1a

2) Octet (Shapes)

3) for Piano

4) Space Sextet

5) Lonesome Quintet 1b

6) for Organ